So I've just gotten back to work after going home for lunch and I'm kind of in a weird mood.

I'm not really greatly dissatisfied by my current job or my employer, but, much like a startled rodent seeking to escape a certain watery doom, I feel that I must look for another place of employment. I've considered doing temp work for a while, just temp work--y'know, see new companies, meet new people and experience new things. On one hand it would give me time to work on my jewelry, but on the other hand, I think the instability would drive me to seek permanent placement sooner rather than later. One another hand, temp work would give me more flexibility to go to school, but on the other hand again, a permanent position will pay more. Hmmm... erg... life path decision...

On a much better note, I got to spend about forty minutes with my lovey love (who got to watch me scarf down a very messy homemade hamburger). Ah, my love, you make me sigh with happiness. *le sigh* I believe I am smitten...


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