I can hear the Blue Angels screaming above as they practice for this weekend's performance and I feel jealous. I wanted so badly to fly when I was young. Always wanted to be in the military, especially the Air Force, restrictions on female pilots be damned. Why did I hesitate? I was in the best shape of my life right out of high school--105 lbs of weight-lifting, running, tennis-playing muscle and 20/15 eyesight. I blame most of it on my then bf's dislike of authority groups. But then again, they probably wouldn't have accepted me then for the same reason I was rejected five years later. Ah, but to be able to fly through the skies at mach speeds, to serve my country like my father and grandfather did. If I could do it now, I would. I dreamed of performing at air shows and explaining how flying works to young kids. I never thought that those air shows at Hickam would be the closest I ever got to being a jet pilot.


There they go again...
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