Happy Harvest!

'Tis the season to start saving up for winter holiday gifts. Much easier since I managed to get a rather significant raise out of my company. It's not tremendous, but it's enough to make me stick around for a while to see what happens. This whole "dynamic" company thing is kind of intriguing, though being almost 30, you'd think I'd have more of a "real job" by now (y'know, the one you're supposed to get once you graduate with a college degree). But since I intend to go back to school in the near future, maybe it's better that I stick with this for now as they're more likely to be lenient with a school schedule.

My jewelry making is going well. Tristan bought another rosary last night. I appear to be her rosary supplier :-) I must get down to J's tonight and drop off more pieces. I should also make contact with Gayle to see if it's possible to sell at Gargoyles.

Last night was Matt's Dark Sun game. It was totally fun even though half the party almost died (and Tyson's character did but was reincarnated). I like my tabletop games as it gives me a chance to hang out with folks outside of that other club. I made some curry with veggies, coconut milk and some gluten that Matt's mother gave me. It turned out pretty good. Good enough that I want to make it again in the near future. I could really go for some Cedar's right now. Mmmm, curry... the belly craves curry... I think it's funny that I never liked curry as a kid. Then suddenly it's the best thing in the world. Maybe it's an "acquired taste" thing.
Nasreddin had a leaky ferry-boat, and used it to row people across the river. One day his passenger was a fussy schoolteacher, and on the way across he decided to give Nasreddin a test and see how much he knew.

"Tell me, Nasreddin, what are eight sixes?"

"I've no idea."

"How do you spell magnificence?"

"I don't."

"Didn't you study anything at school?"


"In that case, half your life is lost."

Just then a fierce storm blew up, and the boat began to sink.

"Tell me, schoolteacher," said Nasreddin. "Did you ever learn to swim?"


"In that case, your whole life is lost."
If I was a semi-technoliterate member of an ancient secret society and I was looking for a secure means of communication, I think I would use something like this live journal. No one would suspect, especially if all the messages were using a particular lexicon exclusive to the society. Just link all my 'friends' and voila, a way to communicate. What are the chances that anyone's going to stumble on the posts? And then what could they prove?