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( Jul. 22nd, 2001 03:19 pm)
Mmmmm... Sooo full. I can't believe that, with food being one of my favorite pastimes, I'd never been to the Bite of Seattle before. It was tummy heaven. I had Ben and Jerry's ice cream, chai, cheesecake on a stick, Korean BBQ and alligator on a stick. The cheesecake was perfect, but alligator is not something I think I'd eat on a regular basis given a choice. It tastes kind of like brackish chicken, but with the texture of overcooked scallops. Matt and I met up with Mike and Jesse after a while at the three-story tall blow-up Miller Lite bottle. Jesse met his nemesis, the cotton candy, and we all watched Mike meet The Man. The Bite is definitely something I want to do again and getting there early is the thing to do--much less crowded.

That's all for now. Must... digest...


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