Ugh. Morning.

I guess mornings wouldn't be so bad if my body clock wasn't timed to stay up until the birds started chirping. Odd thing is, if I get up when the birds start chirping (at like 4am) I'm fine. I just can't do this get up at 6am thing very well.

I've been thinking more about job things and such. Is it better to slave away at a job that I'm not real thrilled with, but good at, and make decent money or do something that I really like doing, work harder and possibly make less money? I'll be happier doing what I like, but money lets me pay rent and bills. I feel like I'm sitting in a great big comfy chair. It's so hard to motivate myself to get up. But if I do get up, I can change the TV from the mind-numbing info-network to a good movie. [Tangent: "This is my favorite show."]

Jenny was supposed to drop by last night and pick up some homebrew, but she didn't call or anything. Hm. I guess I'll just bring it with me to the game tomorrow.

Made another rosary last night with blue fiber optic beads. I've got another one on the beading board for tonight, but I have to stop by Fusion Beads or something to pick up some matching Hail Marys beads. I think I'll swing by the Shipwreck site too for more leaf beads. I promised J an artsy piece, but Tristan bought "In the Garden" out from under me. Not that I mind and I'm really happy that she likes it so much, but I have to make another for J. And I should stop by the shop sometime this weekend. I keep telling J that I will, but something always comes up and I can't make her store hours.

Anyways, off to Shipwreck and beading heaven...


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