So I'm sitting here at work with little to do once more. I'm on my second cup of coffee, read through the Seattle Times and and found that the Games Workshop site is down again. Maybe they were hit with that virus that brings down networks. We got it last week.

On an excellent note, Miguel gave me two awesome compilation CDs that he made and I'm listening to them right now. Each new song just hits it right on the nose--I love 'em all. He knows just what I like to hear, maybe because we have practically the same taste in music. He's even got songs that I've been looking for for ages, like the 'New York New York' mix. Too kewl! Miguel's such an awesome guy. I'm going to miss him when he moves back to Texas. But, like I told Erica, I guess that means that I'll just have to write letters and keep in touch.

Someday I'll move away for grad school too, but I still have comfy chair syndrome. After this year of debt paying, we'll see where I'm at and where I can go...


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